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EasySlim 10<br />1 box soft gel capsules <br/> <span style="color:#F00"> OUT OF STOCK
EasySlim 10
1 box soft gel capsules
AUD 0.00
EasySlim 10<br />3 box soft gel capsules <br/> <span style="color:#F00"> OUT OF STOCK
EasySlim 10
3 box soft gel capsules
AUD 0.00
EasySlim 10<br />6 box soft gel capsules <br/> <span style="color:#F00"> OUT OF STOCK
EasySlim 10
6 box soft gel capsules
AUD 0.00
EasySLIM 10
EasySLIM 10 is 100% Natural and Effective. It is a simple way to lose weight. This appetite suppressant speeds up metabolism and increases energy. See results as early as in 10 days!

EasySlim 10 Weight Loss Supplement
Works great for both men and women.

EasySLIM 10 is a powerful blend of natural herbs that are guaranteed safe and effective
What to expect with EasySLIM 10 Weight Loss Supplement
  • It's an appetite suppressant so expect decrease in appetite and food cravings.
  • It speeds up metabolism.
  • Increase in thirst and expect drying of the mouth.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Increase in perspiration.
  • See results as early as 10 days.
  • No Harmful Ingredients, which are proven by clinical test.
  • Exercise is not necessary but recommended for faster results.
These are notable symptoms but it's not necessarily for one person to experience all symptoms.

Symptoms vary from one person to another.

Functions of the main ingredients:

Bamboo Shoots Bamboo Shoots have a wide range of uses, native from China; Bamboo has been cultivated in Japan and Europe. Known for its high fiber content, it will help the body decrease the accumulation and/or assimilation of fats. By helping the body facilitating the bowel movement, Bamboo Shoots will have a great effect in the weight loss battle.

Lotus Leaf Also known as Sacred Lotus, it is a plant originally from Indonesia and India. It has been proven that Lotus Leaf lowers the body cholesterol levels. It is used to treat poor digestion and it is very well known as "the slimming natural medicine". It works as a natural fat burner by accelerating the natural body burning system.

Semen Coicis This is a Tropical plant native originally from East Asia and it is used for numerous remedies. Known to cure gastrointestinal problems it is also known to have appropriate properties for the extraction of body fat, elimination of toxicity and clearing the heat. The diuretic and detoxifying aspect of Semen Coicis is employed in fighting weight loss and it is proven that it has the ability of lowering the body lipids.

Taragon Leaf Tarragon is not only used as a Tea or a condiment, this herb is very well known for its powerful effectiveness in treating digestive problems. It will help your body get rid of impurities and toxicities that could increase the chances of obesity.

Konjac The filling action of dietary fiber in stomach can enhance the sensitivity of stomach fullness, and reduce the absorption of heat-generating nutrient. Adding a certain amount of konjac or other soluble fiber in normal diet, obesity preventing and gentle weight losing can be expected.

These statements have not been evaluated by BFAD. This is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any Disease.
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